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Giuseppe Berrettini (fabio)

fabio I graduated in Visual Communications at ITSOS in Milan in 1981. Since 1999, I work as a freelancer and I am enrolled in the Order of Journalists of Lombardy, as a publicist. Since 2015, I am also an Aiap (Italian Association of Visual Communication Design) member. I am a proficient user of common software packages for layout and graphic processing.

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Cristina Menotti

cristina She is a freelancer, graduated from the State School of Art (metti il nome in italiano). Her professional experience ranges between brand design and publishing. She has a proficient user of software for layout and graphic processing. She mainly works on graphic design and layout of magazines, books, catalogues, brochures, leaflets, newsletters.

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* Graphic design operates in the world of printing, books, advertising, wherever you need to place a written word, either on a piece of paper or on a bottle.

Bruno Munari, Arte come mestiere, 1966